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Hi-definition living
We welcome you to a mode of quality living!
Like the technologically advanced gadgets that rule ones lifestyle, we are introducing you to yet another thrilling concept - Elina poised to impress you.
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Location Map
Location Map

Welcome to our Site !

Phinix Developers welcome you to a mode of quality living with "ELINA"- an elegant residential scheme of 2,3 BHK,Duplexes and Penthouses. The site is ensconced at a fast growing western end of pune "SUS".

The location is surrounded by clean,serene,calm,peaceful and unpolluted green hills. Also the location has excellent connectivity to Pune-Mumbai-Bangalore highway,Hinjawadi IT park and chandani chowk. A 200 meter long DP road is expected soon to connect this apartment to Pune-Mumbai Highway read more...

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